Chakra Balancing Money Meditation
This Chakra Balancing Money Meditation is a guided meditation and sound healing designed to take you on a relaxing journey to heal your relationship with money by gently opening and balancing your chakras. Let go of unconscious money blocks and bring a sense of restoration and balance to strengthen your relationship with money and to connect with your infinite abundance. 
Presented by:
The Mindful Wealth Movement &
Gong Sound Meditation
This meditation will focus on your 7 energy centres, guiding you with affirmations to restore and revitalise, featuring a beautiful selection of Gong Sound Meditation’s instruments including:Gongs, Rainsticks, Chimes and didgeridoo.
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I am a sound healer. musician, and composer - I channel my gifts through instruments to help people relax their mind, body and soul through sound and music. I use a range of ancient instruments including Gongs, Didgeridoo (Yidaki) and Himalayan & crystal singing bowls, along with other soothing sounds. 
Leith James
 Gong Sound Meditation
As an experienced money coach and a certified yoga teacher, I often share my belief that in order to manage our money well, we need to manage ourselves well.  My method of combining yoga, mindfulness, well-being and personal finance principles will help you adopt the right mindset, attitude, beliefs and behaviours to manage yourself – and your money - better! 
Lea Schodel
Founder - The Mindful Wealth Movement